Sash Apparel is a Chicago-based clothing brand that specializes in custom signature garments and accessories for men and women. Our aesthetic is bold, vibrant and stunningly fearless. We believe that fashion is an artistic expression and provides a piece of your unique story.

What We Do

At Sash Apparel, we also offer stylist services, tailoring and custom designs from sketches to finished garments. We invite you to browse through our inventory and designs. Custom order requests can be made via email, phone or social media.

About Us

Sash Apparel was established in June 2020. Owner and Designer, Sarena Ashley Duncan, began sewing and creating garments and jewelry as a child. Sarena’s mother taught her how to sew at age 10 and she’s loved expressing herself and inspiring through fashion ever since. Sarena’s father helped her to establish unique style and artistry.

The company was created to showcase the talent of a Chicago artist/designer, to provide local access to custom high end fashion in urban communities and to celebrate black entrepreneurs globally. Sash Apparel represents fashion as beauty, confidence, freedom of expression, quality professional craftsmanship and fun.

We aim to inspire individuality through our bold prints, vibrant colors and statement pieces. There is truly something for everyone at Sash Apparel and we look forward to your business.

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